WELCOME. AMEF is a non-profit and non-political organization created in the year 2006 and legalized in 2008. AMEF means Athentique Memorial Empowerment Foundation. Her head office is located in Kumba, Meme Division but AMEF covers the South West Region of Cameroon and beyond.


At AMEF we are a people of love and humanitarian hearts. We strive to empower people around us within our community and beyond to live better lives, if not for themselves but for their children. That's why we do what we do.

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From the Director

I appreciate all the staff of AMEF for their tremendous work each day, all the people who have been supporting our course as well as partners, people of goodwill and the community at large.

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To find out more about AMEF and what we do, please visit our about us page and subsequent pages in this website. We welcome people of goodwill and a humanitarian heart ready to serve and put a smile on another person's face.

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COVID-19 UPDATE. AMEF stands with the rest of the world in the fight against the current corona virus pandemic. As an effort to help stop the spread of this terrible virus, AMEF has been training and doing community sensitization prior to the lock down in schools and churches. staff has been educated and essential workers only have been required to come to work. At AMEF office, hygienic precautions have been put in place - hand washing stations and employees are encouraged to maintain safe social distance. If you are coughing or possess flu-like symptoms, stay home and visit the nearest hospital. For more information and preventive steps to take, Please visit the World Health Organization website.

Remember to always wash your hand, maintain good social distance from each other, cover your mouth when coughing, stay home and stay safe.

AMEF partnering with Together Women Rise

AMEF is elated to announce it's partnership with Together Women Rise. AMEF is pleased to be one of Together Women Rise’s featured grantees for the year 2022. Read More

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North and South West IDP Emergency Response. Click to view.

At AMEF, a lot has been done within the past years to reach our goals, vision and to fulfill the purpose for which AMEF was created and a lot still needs to be done. To find out more about AMEF and what we do, please visit our about us page and subsequent pages in this website. We welcome people of good will and people with a humanitarian heart ready to serve and put a smile on another person's face.

Child Centered Education

As a way of inculcating a reading habit in children as they grow up, C & J MEBINAPS, a component of AMEF, organises an annual reading festival during which kids from other schools join in participating in a reading competition. After which gifts are handed to the winning kids by the administration and our friends and visitors.

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At AMEF we welcome volunteers, students on internship, other goodwill organizations, partnership and other institutions worth working with as long as we can assess and align your mission and goal with that of ours. See the PDF of our volunteer form below. Free to download, fill it and email it back to us.



After we receive your application, we will reply your email stating we have received your application and afterwards please exercise patience as you wait for our confirmation regarding your request.

Thank you. From the AMEF team

Geography Book on Sale. Prepare for both level of the GCE examination.


Geography Book Click on book

COST: 6,500FRS, quick revision questions included.

Blind beneficiaries and the AMEF TEAM

We have some disabled people people in our community who also need help in any little way. Thus at AMEF we work closely with local institutions like churches to identify some disabled people, then find out in what little way AMEF can reach out to them and after doing so, steps are taken to put a smile on the faces of identified disabled persons and their family.

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As written in the United Nations Humanitarian Bulletin, Local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are often the first responders when a humanitarian crisis erupts. They have deep understanding of the context and the legitimacy to work with communities before, during and after the crisis. Since the NorthWest/South-West socio-political crisis escalated into armed violence in late 2017, existing CSOs have been on the frontline, providing emergency relief to families forced to flee their villages. With no humanitarian actors present in the two regions, building up the
capacity of these CSOs is critical to access and assist people in need, especially in hardto-reach areas where most families have sought refuge.

Authentic Memorial Empowerment Foundation (AMEF) is one of the first CSOs which, along with local communities and the church, have shifted from traditional developmentrelated operations to life-saving assistance for those in need in the North-West and South-West regions. Created in 2006, the organisation originally provided a range of activities, from Child-centred Education and Protection, to Women and Youth Economic
Empowerment as well as Literacy and Information Technology. Click on Bulletin on the right to view full copy.

First Responders on the ground: - AMEF


  • Intersos - A humanitarian organization that works all over the world

  • Unicef - A child centered humanitarian organization

  • ReachOut - A women and youth centered not-for-profit organization

  • IRC - International Rescue Committee

  • NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council

  • Caritas - Caritas Dioces of Kumba

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