Women and Youth Economic Empowerment (WYEE)

 This program focuses on Agriculture for food security, climate change, economic diversification and income generation, food / chemical transformation, entrepreneurship development, insertion and reinsertion of women and girls.


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Dr. Margaret Niger-Thomas, speaking on Engendering Climate Smart Agriculture

She is also the director of Authentique Memorial Empowerment Foundation (AMEF)

THEME:   Life Saving Food Assistance to Internally Displaced Women in Mamfe Town, Manyu Division.

In partnership with Better Days Empowerment (BDE) USA, AMEF was able to reach out to 25 vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) with a focus on women representing their households during the launching of the AMEF Mamfe branch office on March 6 2020.

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Building a Safer Community through Care Kits Distribution to Young Girls (IDPs) in Mamfe, SWR, Cameroon

As part of activities to mark the official launching of the AMEF Mamfe Branch Office, thirty (30) young girls of school age (Internally Displaced Persons), received dignity/care kits donated by the TRIANGLE MANYU CLUB of Raleigh NC, USA. This gesture is one of the first in its kind through AMEF to reach out to young girls displaced by the Socio-political crisis in the NW and SW Regions of Cameroon, which left an indelible print in the Mamfe Community as it served as an eye opener to the suffering and vulnerability of children whose needs as identified are overwhelming.

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Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)


The outbreak of the 2016 Anglophone crisis brought a shortage of food and distant many people from their farmlands. AMEF took the initiative to promote CLIMATE SMART AGRICULTURE (C.S.A). The main objective was to empower and educate the community women of Mbonge Road, kumba on CSA practices. With this knowledge gained, many women can now sustain their families and can have something to feed their children. The practice of CSA is one of the main ways of reducing food insecurity.



This department started the year with an agenda in January to sensitize youths within the environment, specifically the churches around Mbonge road on “The AMEF Youth Economic Empowerment Program”. Considering the fact that the Anglophone crisis for the past 2 years has destabilized lots of young people, and with continuous instability, coupled with unemployment in the country, many youths have become frustrated and confused. Some of them can still not go to school due to limited resources of their parents most of whom are farmers and petty traders. In order to ensure decent employment for these youths and to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and also give them hope that all is not lost, the sensitization campaign was programmed, starting with the youths of The Apostolic Church Mbonge Road, the Full Gospel and to Continue with the Presbyterian Church and others. The goal is to have a critical mass of about 50-100 youths whom AMEF can follow up to build their capacity in divers domains and empower them economically. The sensitization talk included : Practical lessons on Passion and Vision, Available openings and beneficiary projects for youths, Sharing of ideas on their specific fields of interest by the youths present, AMEF reactions to Youths points of view through the sharing of their own life experiences. The Youths were informed of the AMEF Capacity Building Workshop programmed for March or April 2018 on Poultry Farming, Urban Agriculture and Waste Paper Recycling

AMEF Director Sensitizing Youths of the Community
AMEF Director Sensitizing Youths of the Community
AMEF Director Sensitizing Youths of the Community
AMEF Director Sensitizing Youths of the Community

As a follow up of sensitization campaign for youths carried out in January, the P2 head and her team dedicated the month of March on the ground preparation for the upcoming training in April 4th-6th 2018 on the theme: Empowering Women and Youths in the context of crisis: Sensitization and training workshop on Poultry Farming, Urban Agriculture and Waste Paper Recycling.

The overall objective is to empower women and youths economically to enable adaptation in the present context of crisis.

The preparation is ongoing and includes the following:

  • putting in place training material
  • contacts with resource persons for the different modules,
  • letters to the Administration, CSO, Churches, Women, Men and Youth Groups,
  • Breeding of chicks to encourage participants who will take interest in poultry farming for the “operation 1 family, 10 chicks pilot project” to be developed by AMEF,

A radio talk on the Ocean City Radio 88.5 in kumba relaying the importance of the training to the residence in kumba and its environs.



Considering the fact that most families living within the AMEF community are basically farmers in a semi-urban area and petty traders, there is great need to diversify their activities through training and capacity building for economic empowerment and capital accumulation. This will cause parents to invest positively in education and welbeing of their children

Some activities carried out by the AMEF Women Group

AMEF women learning how to locally produce soap and omo which could be used for home consumption and possibly for commercialization.
– They equally learned and produced other items like body lotion.



With the aim of identifying alternative ways of engaging women and especially youths in entrepreneurship development, balancing farm and non farm activities for youths who do not yet see agropastoral activities as a form of livelihood, the AMEF-ACTIVE FINGERS INITIATIVE program was formed; through the recycling of waste papers into jewelries, hand bags, flower jars, table mats etc.

Why Waste Paper Recycling?

  • Easy to find raw material
  • In-door activity during period of low farming / income generation
  • involves little cost
  • Environmentally - friendly activities
  • Promotes clean environment and reduces pollution through littering
  • A form of economic diversification
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