1. Provide standard basic education to children with a focus on the girl child.
  1. Fight against EARLY/ FORCED marriage in the South West Region.
  2. Identify and develop potentials in children at an early age in fields not common in the local community (notably music, arts, designing, drawing and painting etc.).
  3. Expose young children and women to modern technology especially the use of  ICT facilities.
  4. Promote gender awareness among children, young people and parents so as to ensure a more harmonious and peaceful relationship between the boy/girl child as  they mature.
  5. Provide evironmental education and community health care among women/children on tropical issues (such as HIV/AIDS, STDs, malaria, cholera etc).
  6. Promote literacy, skills building and economic diversification amongst women.


Intersos - A humanitarian organization that works all over the world / Unicef - A child centered humanitarian organization / ReachOut - A women and youth centered not-for-profit organization / IRC - International Rescue Committee / NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council / Caritas - Caritas Dioces of Kumba.