Literacy & Information Technology (LIT)

This program cuts across all the others and exposes children, youths and women to Information and Communication Technology.

Though we are gradually working to improve on this area, yet there is still a lot to do and equipment to acquire. The Literacy and Information Technology program encompasses the following;

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Adult literacy
  • Office management (secretarial duties)
  • Computerized accounting and management
  • Computer maintenance (repairs and installation of computer accessories)
  • Project management

Due to the out break of the corona virus pandemic, people were forced to stay home and practice social distancing as a way to stop the spread of the virus. This led to the high use of online tool like zoom, Cisco Webex etc to host virtual meetings among people. The video below demonstrates how to install and use zoom on an Android Mobile Phone.

AMEF's future computer lab
AMEF's future computer lab

We envision...

We envision establishing an institution and courses that teach computer studies and information technology which will help the people of our community and students who will enroll to have the up to date skills and current knowledge necessary for them to thrive in this fast world of technological advancement. This program will be more hands-on.

AMEF's future computer lab
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